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“We have tried this fly spray first hand and we loved it and it smelled great! If you own horses, you know how important fly control can be. We are so excited about this product, and our intention is for it to be available through Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship in the near future. They are in the process of bringing this product to market. So check them out if you’re interested in providing your horse with this safe and effective alternative to fly control, and show them your support.”

Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship
Medicine Lodge, KS

“I used a sample bottle yesterday on 15 different horses, and the product worked each time. I even sprayed the floor where the horses were standing, and the flies disappeared. One of best results while shoeing I've ever had. From a trainer's perspective, we sprayed them before and rubbed on their heads and remarkably the back gnats stayed there distance. Great product!”

Trainer and Farrier Doug Minton
Powhatan, VA

“I went to a barn today where the flies were atrocious. The barn girl sprayed down one of the horses with another brand, I don't recall the name, and the flies didn't mind a bit. I grabbed Champions' Summer Defense and sprayed it on and the flies scattered. Didn't take the time to wipe it on though. But it lasted long enough for me to trim. Most brands I've used I've had to spray every 5 minutes.”

Farrier Rich Armentrout
North Canton, OH

“I sprayed Champions' Summer Defense on one horse, Ultra Shield on another horse, and a water based repellant on a third. All three horses are in the same pasture and in the same barn. After three days Champions' Summer Defense and Ultra Shield were still providing good protection to the horses–the water based repellant was useless. The next day we sprayed water on the remaining two horses to simulate rain. Champions' was still providing protection and the Ultra Shield was no longer protecting the horses. So my pick is the Champions' as it is free of harsh chemicals and lasts much longer than the others. Can’t wait for you to get this on the market so that I can order it in bulk.”

Shutterfly Horses
Whitakers, NC

“Give this product a try. I have tried just about every fly product out there and this stuff is by far the best. Plus it is made from all natural ingredients!”

Trainer Tim Cohill
Gloucester, VA

“We love this spray! It really works, and the best part is that we are not spraying chemicals on our horses (and ourselves)!”

Mather Quarter Horses
Lone Grove, OK
Home of AQHA stallions
Shiners Dually and TW Dual Twist

“Living in one of the buggiest places on the East Coast, I can truly say Champions’ Summer Defense works! Not only does it keep horse flies, mosquitoes and the common black fly away, it also lets you enjoy time at the barn without swatting GNATS!!! Because of its safe, all natural ingredients, I can also apply to my ball cap and keep the pests away from me without worrying what cancer-causing chemicals I am ingesting. As if Champions’ Summer Defense isn’t great enough, it also contains a conditioning sun screen for your horses’ coat so the product stays on a long time AND gives your horse a show-ready shine. Get ahead of the pests this year and stock up on Champions’ Summer Defense for your barn.”

Jesse Chase Performance Horses

Wendell, North Carolina


Champions' Summer Defense Shine!

Champions' Summer Defense Shine!