Our team puts you and your horse's safety as our top priority. We want you to enjoy your time with your horse without being exposed to harsh chemicals, which is why Champions' Summer Defense is made from high-quality, natural ingredients. It is free of toxic pesticides, which are commonly found in other equine products. Champions' Summer Defense is safe for you, your horse, and our environment. 

Our blend of natural essential oils inherently repels swarming insects, one of the biggest problems plaguing horses and riders during the summer months, and it is safe for use around all types of skin abrasions, including insect bites and minor cuts. Champions' Summer Defense is an oil-based product that not only works as a sunscreen and conditioner to help prevent coat-bleaching and dry-coat, but also it is inherently water-resistant, so all of the benefits last longer when horses sweat during the warm weather.


Enjoy the sun without the sun-damage. Our natural ingredients help prevent against sunburns and sun-bleaching.


No more dull or dry coat! Keep your horse looking fresh with our oil-based product. It's a great coat-conditioner.

Fly Repellent

Protect yourself from annoying swarms of summer insects without using harmful, toxic pesticides.